An overview of Bad credit mobile phones

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However you take it, the undeniable fact is that bad credit mobile phones offered a sense of relief to the clique of individuals in the UK who have had long standing issues with getting approved for a phone contract due to the status of their credit score. In the past, a UK individual with could not get approved for a phone contract. Back then, approval was purely hinged on a person’s good credit score. The downside was that people with bad credit had no choice but to contend with one rejection after the other. The only way a person with a poor credit rating could be approved for a phone contract was if they tagged along a guarantor or if they paid a huge deposit upfront. This was of course very taxing and challenging at the same time.


Finding a willing guarantor or the huge upfront deposit was a herculean task and most people were resigned to the fact that getting approved is akin to climbing a mountain. Fast forward to today and the landscape has completely changed. As we speak, there are thousands of UK bad credit mobile phone contract providers who’s sole aim and objective is to romp in as many bad credit UK citizens. It doesn’t matter how bad your credit score is or how many times you’ve defaulted in the past. You can apply now for a mobile phone contract with bad credit and get approved without any challenges.

However, prior to applying for a bad credit mobile contract, it’s imperative that you understand a number of things.


Bad credit mobile phone contracts have fewer perks/benefits as compared to standard mobile phone contracts. What this simply means is that you will enjoy fewer number of minutes, texts and data bundles in a month as compared to those on standard contracts for people with a healthy history. Additionally, you might not be eligible for promotions or upgrades as and when you want.


It’s not uncommon for a number of providers to ask you to pay a small upfront deposit prior to being approved for a bad credit mobile phone contract. This is usually designed to cushion the provider against the risk of default. The deposit you pay is yours and will be refunded at the end of the contract provided that your account with the provider is in good standing.


Contract period

Ordinarily, the standard minimum contract period for individuals with a healthy contract is 12 months. The same does not apply for those with bad credit as most providers make it a requirement for individuals to be locked for a period not less than 18 months. The downside is that this makes it difficult for a person to switch before the 18 months lapse.


Upgrade in bad credit contracts is not guaranteed. Your account has to be scrutinized before you can be allowed to upgrade to a plan of your choice. Most of the times, you can only be allowed to upgrade if you have been paying in good time without defaulting.



How to get approved for a phone contract even if you have bad credit

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Having bad credit can be a sour taste in the mouth. You are constantly worried as to whether you will get approved for a loan or a phone contract. In the past, getting approved for a phone contract with bad credit was a daunting task, mission impossible. Most phone contract providers in the UK simply couldn’t get around the idea of approving a person with a poor credit rating because they had no way of establishing how financially responsible a person was. Well, that was before phone contracts for people with a poor credit rating became the in thing. Nowadays, getting a phone contract even if you have bad credit is a walk in the park


There are literally thousands of UK phone contract providers willing to approve individuals with a poor credit rating for a phone contract. However, if you are seeking to get approved for a phone contract even if you have bad credit, here’s how you can go about it.

Apply with providers with high acceptance rates

Prior to applying for a phone contract with bad credit, it is recommended that you choose providers with high acceptance rates. This essentially improves your chances of being approved and drastically reduces your chances of rejection. Desist from providers with low acceptance rates.

Make an informed decision

To choose the right provider, research is of essence to ensure that the decision you ultimately make is informed. Do research and check out how reputable a provider is prior to making the final decision. A simple online research is enough to give you a list of providers within your locality and is instrumental in helping you make an informed decision.

Make an upfront payment (deposit)

If you have bad credit and wish to apply for a standard mobile contract, the best way to go about it and get approved even if you have bad credit is to pay a deposit upfront. Most UK providers are more than willing to approve your application if you take measures to drastically reduce risk on their side. The same applies if you want the latest high end phone and yet your credit score is in doldrums.

Check your credit report for any inconsistency

At times, your credit report could be laden with errors and this could be the reason why the score could be low. It is therefore advisable that you scrutinize your credit report and identify errors if any. This serves to improve your credit score and inadvertently improves your chances of being approved for a phone contract.

Additionally, if your credit score is very poor, you can make use of a guarantor with a healthy credit score. What happens is that mobile phone providers have no problem approving your application especially if you tag along a guarantor with a healthy credit history. Should you default in making payments, your guarantor will be liable to pay up your phone contract debt.


What phone contracts can people with bad credit apply for and get approved?

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Credit checks are a rule in the UK and not an exception and mobile phone providers are obligated to carry them out prior to approving a mobile phone contract. In the past, having bad credit was enough to have your application thrown out without taking a peek at it twice. The resultant effect was a pool of disgruntled and unhappy customers who were essentially receiving the short end of the carrot stick because of their poor credit rating. However, it’s instrumental to note that there is a paradigm shift and a number of mobile phone contracts have been introduced in the market with the sole intention of romping in UK customers with a poor credit rating.


The fact of the matter is, it’s very difficult for a person with a poor credit rating to get approved for a standard mobile phone contract. In light of these, a number of phone contracts were unveiled with the sole aim of bringing on board customers with a poor credit rating.

Bad credit mobile phone contracts

From the sound of the name, this is a type of contract specifically designed with bad credit individuals in mind. It is the perfect type of contract for an individual with a history of defaults or even CCJ. The good thing about bad credit mobile phones is the fact that irrespective of how poor credit rating might be, you don’t have to worry about your credit score. While most providers tend to say that no credit checks are done, the truth of the matter is that credit checks are done but the only difference is that the results of the credit checks are not used to deter or approve a person’s application for a phone contract. At the end of the day, if you have perennially suffered rejection every time you applied for a phone contract, bad credit mobile phone contracts are your best bet.

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts were unveiled with the promise of a guarantee of approval especially for UK individuals with a poor credit rating. In light of this, individuals with a poor credit rating can apply for this type of contract and expect approval with minimal resistance. Just like bad credit mobile phone contracts, guaranteed phone contracts are suitable for UK individuals with a poor credit rating or those that are seeking to build their credit score from scratch. However, a good number of mobile phone providers offering guaranteed phone contracts require a deposit prior to approval. This is simply for the purposes of cushioning themselves should anything happen and they lose money. The deposit is refundable at the end of the contract on condition that one’s account is in good standing.


No credit check mobile phone contracts

There is something alluring and attractive about the term “no credit check” to a person with a poor credit rating. It gives the feeling and optimism that irrespective of how bad your credit score is you can always apply and get approved for no credit check mobile phone contracts. Actually, the same merits apply as is the case with the above types of phone contracts.

There you have it. If you have been seeking for the right contracts to apply for especially if you have bad credit or your credit score is not that healthy, you can always go for any of the above and enjoy the perks that come with having a phone contract!



Factors to consider when applying for a mobile phone contract

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Leading Brands Of Smart Phones...A collection of smartphones, from left, a Samsung Galaxy S, an Apple Inc. iPhone 4, a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, a Blackberry 9700, and an HTC Desire, are arranged for a photograph in London, U.K., on Wednesday, July 7, 2010. Global smartphone sales will rise 36 percent to 247 million in 2010, ISuppli Corp. said in April. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

If you haven’t taken the plunge and bought into the hype that is mobile phone contracts, you might probably be at a loss as to whether going for a mobile phone contract is the right thing for you. Going by the ever rising popularity of mobile phone contracts in the UK, it might be foolhardy for you to continue being rigid and resisting the urge to blend in and enjoy the benefits that come with a mobile phone contract. After all, a good number of us tend to be resistant to change and choose to remain in our comfort zones. However, if it makes any difference, it’s imperative to note that a mobile phone contract provides you with the perfect opportunity to not only own the latest smartphone at a subsidized or no cost but also makes it possible for you to enjoy preset minutes, texts and data bundles at relatively cheaper prizes.

With that said, it is advisable that you only go for a phone contract if your phone usage is more than what is considered normal. If the nature of work requires that you make numerous phone calls in a day or browse online on end, a mobile phone contract will be in your best interest. That aside, you should never apply for a mobile phone contract in the UK blindly. With thousands of UK mobile providers offering mobile phone contracts, it might be a bit tricky choosing the right one for you. However, if this is your dilemma, you need worry not as we are about to shed light on the factors you need to take into consideration when applying for a mobile phone contract in the UK.

Your phone usage needs

Applying for a mobile phone contract without a clear trajectory of your phone usage is suicidal to say the least. This is because you need to understand the trajectory of your phone usage in the past to be able to choose the right deal or package for you. As such, take a peek at your phone statement and understand your phone usage pattern. If you are always texting more than you call, go for a plan with more text messages in a month and fewer minutes. The same applies if you are always browsing using your phone.


You cannot afford to give the aspect of reputation a wide berth. You don’t want a situation whereby you apply for a mobile phone contract with a provider whose dealings are not above board. Ensure that the provider you are about to do business with is reputable, treats its customers in the right way and adheres to professional ethical conduct or what we call best business practices.



We both cannot be on the same footing as regards finances. On the same wavelength, we all are looking to have the best deals and saving money while at it. In this regard, cost is a very important factor. Affordable plans are of essence but they should be accompanied with quality services and packages. However, if a provider is too cheap, that is a red flag as cheap is always expensive in the long run.

Contract length

You don’t want a contract that will lock you with a given provider for an inordinately long period of time. Ask a question of the minimum period you can be locked in and whether there is the option to opt out early if you pay up in advance.

In light of the above, there are indeed a myriad of factors you need to take into consideration. Read reviews, read the fine print, make use of comparison sites and ensure that the ultimate decision you make is well informed and in your best interest.